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From a very cool site called, Old Fashioned Families with everything you need to know about canning, preserving, saving tons of money and general homesteading.

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible

Onions Stored

Storing Onions

Onions Storage

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How To Keep Onions Fresh

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Garlic Storage

27 Ways to make your groceries last as long as possible. I especially like #14 and #23!

Canned Layered

Canning Layered

Layered Soup

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Love canning soup! So handy to have on hand.

Real Simplefrom Real Simple

Canning 101

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Tomato Jam Canning

How To Start Canning


800 Canning

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*****GREAT SITE****Over 800 Canning Recipes For Winter Storage

Dill Pickles Canning Recipe

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Easiest Pickle

460 700

Dill Pickles Recipe and Canning

Jam Ummm

Jam Shut

Jam Recipes For Canning

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Bacon Jam Recipes

Jams And Jelly Recipes

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Chutney Recipes For Cheese

Bacon Jam ~ Yes, you read that right ;) This dangerously delicious condiment is perfect for spreading on a burger, sandwich, cracker, toast, or slice of cheese. Wow, it looks so good! Site for instructions included.

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Mason Jar

meals in a jar (just add water) keep for 5 years without refrigeration

Pressure Canning Potatoes

Canning Potatos

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Canning Potatoes Recipes

put raw cubed potatoes in the jars and cover them with boiling chicken broth and process them in pressure canner.

50 Canning

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Over 50 Canning Recipes In Seasonal Order (super resource!)

Canned Tomatoes

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Make (basically) free tomato sauce to can with scraps saved from canning tomatoes!

Jam Sarahsjoys

Canning Preserving

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Freezing Peaches For Pie

Vanilla Peach Jam Canning Recipe » The Homestead Survival

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WOW...tons of recipes for canning, dehydrating and freezing!

Tried and Tastyfrom Tried and Tasty

Pepper Jelly

Jalapeño Pepper Jelly

Canning Pepper Jelly

Pepper Jelly Recipes

Cm Pepper

Canning Jalapeño Peppers

Peppers Jelly

Pickled Peppers Recipe

Jalapeño Recipes

Recipes Canning

Pepper Jelly // TriedandTasty My moms is the best:)

DIY & Craftsfrom DIY & Crafts

800+ Organized Canning Recipes for Winter Storage

800 Canning

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800 Organized Canning Recipes for Winter Storage DIY Crafts Like, Comment, Repin !!

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No prep canning of dry beans. Pour 1/2 cup of dry beans into your hot pint jars and top off with boiling water to 1 inch headspace, then process.

Recipes Canning Preserving

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Rotel Canning Recipe

Ross Canning

Canning Granny blog. Tons of step-by-step canning recipes and photos by a down home canning Granny!

Jelly Canning

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Rhubarb Jelly- canning recipe from

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how long do foods last?

Who Needs A Cape?from Who Needs A Cape?

Guest Blog: How to Can Salsa

Canning Recipes For Salsa

Recipe For Salsa

Canning Salsas Pickles Sauces

Jam Canning Pickling

Canning Storing

Canning Preserves

Food Canning

Canning Salsa With Canned Tomatoes

Canning Yellow Peppers

Tutorial on Canning with recipe for salsa - if you've never canned - you NEED to pin this!