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A fun Halloween snack: "Trix or Treat" (rice krispy treats on a stick, but with Trix cereal instead of crispy rice!) FREE PRINTABLE INCLUDED!

Halloween pretzel treats

Halloween Snack Ideas for All Ages with Wheat Thins and Oreos

Candy Corn themed Chocolate Covered Pretzels for a Halloween Party

Halloween Treat Recipes | Use a Twinkie covered in chocolate to make these cute ghost snacks for kids at Halloween. Perfect for a party idea.

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I've made chocolate covered pretzel sticks with sprinkles for Jim before and he absolutly loves them. Halloween Decorated Chocolate Covered Pretzels by sweetsilverliningnyc

Halloween! Dip the pretzel rods in white chocolate dyed green and add a sliced almond fingernail. Use a toothpick to add the knuckles. MONSTER FINGERS YES.

Embellished chocolate covered Oreos

Healthy Halloween Spider Snack for Kids: Make with bananas, pretzels and raisins.

Halloween Snacks and Treats for Kids

Cute banana ghosts and Clementine pumpkins

Our Brownie and pretzel skeletons were a spooktacular edition. We made a pan of brownies in a square pan because we wanted them thick, cutting them into squares (don't forget to cut the edges off). Then covered them in ganache. Place a short bamboo skewer or sucker stick close to the back and pile white chocolate pretzels. Top with a marshmallow with a cute skeleton face (drawn on by editable markers) and package with our fun skeleton tag.

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Cute! I wonder if I have the patience to make these. Mini Mummies | Spoonful

Pumpkin Pretzels -- Halloween Snacks & Desserts

Easy Witches Hats All you need is one package of the fudge striped shortbread cookies, a bag of milk chocolate kisses and a tube of orange or red decorating frosting. Directions: Simply pipe a small mound of frosting in the center of each chocolate covered cookie bottom, press a chocolate kiss on the frosting. Pipe a frosting band and bow around the base of each kiss. You are done!!

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

halloween food treats chocolate covered doughnut holes with red gel for lines and chocolate chips for pupil