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Pine Cone Turkey

Pin It It's turkey time! I'm a vegetarian but most of the family loves their turkey. Thanksgiving is all about counting our blessings and one of those is a full table--with family, friends, and plenty of tasty food. And my son is really into the birds when we visit them at a local farm or at the Aud...

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Easy to make pinecone tree. One planter, one styrofoam cone, some pinecones, wire, and glue and I'll be set! Add some lights

This would be great in place of a wreath using Christmas ribbon, and the pine cones are reusable and free from a yard or park.

I love pine cones... love the natural look, the different colors of the brown/grey and the wooden texture. They are so decorative and mix so well with shiny cream white christmas tree balls.

Fun Activities for Fall

Pine Cone Crafts for Kids (good use for the all of the ones I pick up from the land)

1. find pinecones 2. spray paint them fall colors and let dry 3. put them in giant decorative vase. DONE!

Aha! This is EXACTLY what I was thinking about doing with those stupid pods Dave dared me to make something crafty with. Now I have an idea of how it will look!

colorful pine cone monsters! I had a normal pine cone, not a long one and I painted it right side up. While it looks different from the photo, it's still pretty cute.