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Cool Indian Corn Magnets

Cool Indian Corn Magnet craft for kids - Native American Pow Wowsfrom - Native American Pow Wows

How to Make a Native American Hand Drum

Share Tweet Pin Mail Watch the video below to learn how to make a Native American Hand Drum. Video produced by Noc Bay. Learn ...

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How to Make a Native American Dream Catcher

How to Make a Native American Dream Catcher

PAPER BAG NATIVE AMERICAN VEST is a good project for the Thanksgiving pageant. Go to Native American Crafts at www.freekidscrafts for more ideas.

Native American Empowerment Pebbles - “Children need to be together in nature, so they can learn to respect, accept and understand each other better. Native American Indians have something important to teach about respect for the earth and all our relations that live here.” Erma Bearstops, Lakota Elder.

My son had a blast using these stones as a jumping off point to tell his own tales! Native Americans often used symbols to tell stories. Some symbols looked just like the concepts or objects they represented and others were more abstract. My son and I went to a Native American tribe's website to look up symbols so that we could make our own (super simple!) storytelling stones.

This Tepee Village Craft is an easy and fun way to learn about Native American Culture! This collage is made with simple materials found around the house! Perfect for reinforcing the triangle shape, too!

Crafts by Amandafrom Crafts by Amanda

Camp Crafts: God's Eye

Camp Crafts: God’s Eye - Native American craft representing Earth, Fire, Air, Water and God's watchful eye over their people.

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Native American Indian Medicine Bag for Kids

8. Embellish with feathers or anything else you wish. My daughter added feathers and then beaded the yarn. We tied the two ends together.