rustic gazebo


looks like a fairy lives here


Cool idea for a little garden spot. Maybe for herbs or strawberries.

Gazebo of twigs and saplings

Let's sit here together......


Salvaged-Parts Gazebo: Talk about making something out of nothing. This rustic gazebo is an amazing amalgamation of odd parts. The thick, sturdy support pillars were gleaned from washed-up timber on the beach. The side supports are also rustic logs, cut to fit. The roof is a salvaged 10-foot satellite dish.

Sunflower House. Fun to play in once the sunflowers grow tall. I love this idea. I would have loved this when I was a child.

Clay Pot Sphere

Log Planter - use a hollowed out log or stump as a planter

When selecting the best plants for a trellis, it is important to consider the natural habits of the plant.  Vining plants are by far the easiest to train on a trellis.  A vining plant sends out runners and can easily attach to any surface as their tendrils have little sticky hairs that enable them to …

Arbor made of landscape wood


would love to do this with my veggie gardens


Great Tire Garden Inspiration!!

'Old wood' concrete stepping stones.