rustic gazebo


A gazebo is a must in our future home. We shall have a big backyard with space for it. This one looks cosy

Cool idea for a little garden spot. Maybe for herbs or strawberries.

looks like a fairy lives here

Gazebo of twigs and saplings


Let's sit here together......

Garden shed

This demonstrates what it means "to be in accordance with nature." Let sun-loving plants provide shade for those that require shade, and both will flourish.

for somewhere in the meadow....rustic gazebo / stick fence

Sunflower House. Fun to play in once the sunflowers grow tall. I love this idea. I would have loved this when I was a child.

Salvaged-Parts Gazebo: Talk about making something out of nothing. This rustic gazebo is an amazing amalgamation of odd parts. The thick, sturdy support pillars were gleaned from washed-up timber on the beach. The side supports are also rustic logs, cut to fit. The roof is a salvaged 10-foot satellite dish.

Great Tire Garden Inspiration!!

Pergola covered with wisteria -Would love to have the pergola over my deck. I have the wisteria planted already!!


Chicken coop

'Old wood' concrete stepping stones.

wood gazebo Magnolia Pearl Ranch with iron bed headboard gate

DIY Network's step by step to build a pergola Have to do one or two for myself and cover them with wisteria and jasmine!