The ride. Life always goes on, it's a matter of how you plan to go along with it. I plan to continue to enjoy the ride to the fullest.

And I know your ride will go on. As you know life is a hell of a ride and this is another one of those times were you gotta saddle up, hold on tight and fucking fight for it. But I know your ride will go on

Love this !

She who dies with the most cowboy boots wins. Liu Anderson I thought of you and me, since we keep acquiring boots and always looking for the next pair!

country music. <3 ...this is cute even though i do like all the people on this list. country music is the best tho :)

You say Lady Gaga I say Lady antebellum you say jason derulo i say jason aldean you say t-pain i say t-swift you say kesha i say keith you say pitbull i say paisley you say justin bieber i say justin moore COUNTRY MUSIC FOREVER


Find that country boy that's gonna treat you right, not like your worthless and leave you hanging after leading you on for awhile. FIND THAT KINDA COUNTRY BOY, GIRLS

Love it!

I LOVE this. And yes, I do think God would be wearing boots.) Burlap sign Unless you're God or George Strait