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When someone calls me ugly I get super sad and give them a hug life must be so hard for the visually impaired

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Why can't any teacher listen. It's simple if u sit us next to are friends we won't have to shout and tell across the room just sayin. So true

All the time, then having to go back and watch the movie again to get what you missed while you were off figuring out who the actor was

IMDB is a lifesaver. Happens sooo many times. Drives Ash and I crazy!

Yeah, later I'm going through the conversation in my head and I honk of an amazing comeback

Teenager Post I envy people that come back with witty comebacks on the spot because I'm gonna need at least a 3 day notice.


Who has the time to say after Thank you relatable post I thought I was the only one!

Gotta try this...LOL..

If you think someone is staring at you, yawn. If they yawn, they were staring. Too funny!

But if my teacher says hamburger or hotdog I get hungry or they make a problem abt food

My math teacher was like, 'Now we are going to fold the paper.' Then a kid in my class was like. 'Hotdog or Hamburger?' And she was like, 'Hotdog.

When you realize that the person wasn't waving at you...

lol yeah, I had those embarrassing moment. At the time you're like petrified but then later you just look back and laugh

The first time I rapped all of Lose Yourself by Eminem. That awesome feeling of how gangster you are the first time you rap your favorite part of a song without screwing up.

Hahahaha O my word sooo awkward!

Relatable Post That awkward moment when you accidentally make eye contact with someone like 5 times in a row.


english teachers put more thought into the novel than the actual author did! so true! my ELA teacher asks questions like "why do you think the author wrote this book?


nap time-I would have loved to have nap time in high school. I still love nap time.