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  • Jaime Long

    I need to remember this.

  • Veronica Glaze

    People don't cheat because they don't respect their partners. They #cheat because they don't respect themselves.

  • Kells Love

    Nahhhh he didn't respect her,still Dosent💋cheating is not love sorry call it what u want, but if my man stuck his dick in another girl every night for a year, ha i would have enough respect for myself to leave the man, and I'm the one with the issues?! Haha I'm happy bitch get respect for your self I fucked your boy friend got him fired fucke up your shit, gain a set of balls and come fight me!! Get an ass kicking!

  • Tuna Sandwhich

    I know this wont make you feel better, but this had nothing to do with my feelings about you or me being mad at you. this was cuz im a fucking idiot and I didn't see what was right infront of me. you were everything to me, and I screwed that up cuz I didn't respect myself or what I had.

  • Brian Stewart

    No self respect

  • Jill Holler

    Hate liars and cheaters. And this quote is SOOOOOO true!

  • Grae Roda

    cheater's suck

  • kirsten rodriguez

    Learn to respect yourself

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