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I STILL NEED TO HEAR IT. Gahh. We are two Doctors later and Rose is long gone, and yet I still want to hear the Doctor tell her he loves her! Am I crazy? Should I have moved on by now? Probably. But I shan't.

That one line is why I'm pinning this.

They are everywhere. I thing they must traveling in time and space, maybe, i don't know, with some Time Lord.

Can't lie, I totally cried!

The Doctor's beginning

That's a head canon thing I expect. But it makes a lot of sense of why Sherlock would be so darn protective of her! That is a terrible theory! But it is a great reason for them to be so protective! I would personally like to Slap Mycroft in the face now!

The Companions last words.. I love that someone made this! You always see the Doctors last words. I like that we see theirs now! :D <<--Agree ♥♥<< my favorite is this is my getting out, I just loved her