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The focus being on the woman's silhouette, the background becomes a blurry result of the surround further away lights creating analogous colors of red to yellow smoothly merging and forming one unique background

Underwater photography from Phoebe Rudomino Photography (I like this a lot it reminds me of the video "Fear God")

{The Eclecticist}from {The Eclecticist}


Felice è la semplicità che ignora le biforcazioni del dubbio, ma più selvaggia e più virile è la felicità che fiorisce ai margini degli abissi. (Ernst Jünger)#underwater photography. I REALLY want to try this.

This gorgeous romantic photo shows off the Yin & Yang of a #couple in #love. So creative! I love the silhouette! #romance

I like this shot because it looks creative and the use of the shallow depth of field fits in well as well as the bokeh effect.

Image Spark - Image tagged "graphic design", "design", "colors" - Your_Highness_PJ

Saatchi Artfrom Saatchi Art

Artist: Juan Manuel Garcia; Color 2009 Photography "Bells"

Eva & Rose & Judi - Juan Manuel Garcia

☾ Midnight Dreams ☽ dreamy & dramatic black and white photography - cat silhouette

From up Northfrom From up North

Graphic design inspiration

Double exposure

effetto ottico // black with white lines forming an intriguing face - could translate into photography and start a series of this: high contrast shadows with all the shadow patterns i could think of..