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"Ha ha ha, I love cryptic humor"

Hahaha I laughed so hard

made me laugh way too hard!!

Laughing so hard...

I laughed so hard at this

i probably laughed so hard I almost died.

Math humor

Star Wars humor


Reason#10 Bill Nye the science guy is a BAMF, he knew how to tell a science joke. Happy birthday Bill! ****Post your own reason why Bill Nye is awesome I wanna make this a thing****



So funny...and I can totally see this happening to me in my future...

Welcome to the Internet

Fancy man hair.

Grannie's cool

Very descriptive can of peas.

Every. Time.

I do this all the time. Lol

Guys want see a movie about a teddy bear and girls want to see a movie about strippers. Ted and Magic Mike. Hahahaha #ted #magicmike