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Stop Whale Hunting. Seriously. it must stop. Watching The Cove seriously messed me up with the dolphin slaughtering in Taiji.. #messedup

BREAKING NEWS! Dolphins were reportedly forced into the cove because of boaters making horrific sounds from loud pipes scaring them away into the nets where they would be slaughtered, and it's most likely too late for them to be saved. Please, if you want this to be stopped, support Sea Shepherd's efforts into ending the Taiji dolphin slaughter by volunteering for Sea Shepherd, or donating money! The Dolphins and Sea Shepherd need your help NOW! - Wildlife Earth News on Pinterest.

BREAKING NEWS! The Dolphin slaughter in Taiji Japan continues even though the operation has the thread of thousands of protesters and the Sea Shepherd organization. Sea Shepherd has taken aggressive actions at some points to help stop the slaughter and it seems to be working, although these hunters are stubborn. Here what you can do, support Sea Shepherd, and donate money to the organization, or volunteer! As well as signing/ creating petitions to stop this horrible slaughter! - Wildlife…

༺༻ Warrior Of Light ༺༻'s photo. The Cove: Sign the Petition to Help Save Japan's Dolphins =

Everyone should watch this. its heartbreaking but important. Its about Flipper's former trainer Rick O'Barry's efforts to end the slaughter of Dolphins in Taiji Japan.

Thousands of dolphins and porpoises are slaughtered in Taiji, Japan each year. The water in the cove runs red with all their blood.