bottle fence - drill hole in each bottle and run a rebar through it. Lovely when the sun hits it.

Wine bottle lights

DIY wine bottle bird feeder. Weekend project Ladies!! Drink wine on Friday, make birdfeeders on Sunday! (Notice that there is a grace day - we need a lot of wine bottles!)

Bottle peacock - I better start drinking more wine! I don't usually do the whole "lawn ornament" thing, but I think this would look so cool in my garden

artful explorations: Mosaic Garden Balls

Upcycled Glass Garden Border

DIY: Wine/Beer Bottle Bird Feeder

Way to use old bottles

wine bottle path

Glass bottles used as path edging- a great recycling project. We could have enough bottles to use in a week from the alley recycling bins to do our whole front yard and then some

Clever and easy to do, space saving annual flower pots. Take a 4' high tomato stake, and your clay 6" pots. Place the stake in the ground at least 12", then put the drainage holes in bottom of pots through stake and tip, creating a zig zag pattern. Fill with soil and your favorite annuals. Anything cascading or trailing works well like Bacopa, trailing petunias, vinca, million bells, etc.

Love this!!! Fence flowers made from paint can lids, bottle caps and mirrors.

Make a plant hanger...

bottle art

Upcycled glass bottle in the garden #Bottle, #Repurposed

Line flower pots with coffee filters so dirt doesn't come out--pretty clever!

wow this i love!