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  • Merlino Innocent

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  • Meredith Monroe

    poor Peeta's leg.

  • Hannah Devyor

    Hahaha!!! Well it's only funny for us book readers, because in the movie, need I remind you, HE DIDN'T CUT IT OFF.

  • Bella Gracie

    This is my favourite post, ever. @Katherine Mazzella They didn't cut his leg off in the movie though... :/ It just "magically" healed with that medicine stuff. Yeah right.

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Correction: If I were in the 74th annual hunger games I would...... The book never said there was nightlock in the other arenas. Lol

:) Don't blame the player blame the game

"for you." says peeta. yes, i will keep it. For the few remaining hours of my life and i will keep it close. "thanks." I say.

The Hunger Games trilogy made us all grow up and face the harsh realities of the world and that sometimes there are never going to be happy endings. Some times people die. Good people. It is despicable and horrific but that is what life is in the end...

Me-"I just did not want Finnick to die. I really hope (kind of) that they cut this out. I guess they could make it work. Or they could find him after they got back to where they lived. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! Like "FINNICK YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH!!!! FINNICK JR. AN I MISSED YOU!!!"

I absolutely can't wait for the movie to come out! (partially because I want to see if I pronounce all of the names correctly..)

this is one of those pins that could either go on my hp board or my hg board

Peeta withdrawal: you know you've had it Katniss withdrawal: you know you've had it I just can't move on! That's ok I'm gonna watch the movies a million times and read the books a million times! I love the Hunger Games!

--aw i liked the way they were much more relaxed in this movie (i mean, considering)

Peeta. Josh, your such an amazing actor. You actually bring the characters alive. You don't know how much respect I have for you just for that face.

ok... but what if I paint myself to look like a rock and just hide peeta... damn it you know what, just do that...