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  • brenda pierce

    vintage cat photo

  • Bel-Rea Vet Tech

    vintage photo - cat playing banjo

  • Peter Larsson ❤♡❤

    Maybe some music :). Cat playing a banjo cabinet card.

  • Urban Heirlooms

    Any requests? Asks Banjo Kitty. #cats #kitties #cute #vintage #animals

  • Corryn Mocete

    LOL He's playing a banjo. Cats cant play banjos.

  • Teresa Rogers

    "We have had this cabinet card of a cat playing a banjo for years. Although some photographers used stuffed animals for genre images we feel that this kitty is alive if obviously annoyed at being posed with a banjo, top hat, and gloves. I believe the photographer is Louis De Ribas, a Boston photographer who patented a drop shutter in 1887. The time, the place, and the name seem right. I used a slide (*now replaced with a scan of the original) of it recently for a demonstration to a friend...

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Reminds me of Ella, only downside with my dog is that she usually wakes me between 3:30-4:00 a.m. to play.

Banjo / Cat humor #3