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Totally Hair Barbie and Teresa dolls 1990's toys

Famous 70S TV Shows | CHiPS: this cop on bikes show was so rubbish (and in retrospect pretty ...

Classic American Lawn Chairs - Awesome ... prepare for some good ol' fashion ass pinching and "falling over into the campfire" fun.

Before you choose any typewriter... vintage 1950s office ads

Mom went through a LOT of this, untangling my hair sunday nights after a bath, while watching Ed Sullivan!

80's Garfield Toy by ReneeVintage I had a ton of Garfield stuff growing up. . . still love him.

Gingery, lovely soda pop goodness from the late 40s.

An old water pump. This was how we got water from the farm up on the "Adams farm" when we were enjoying time at the lake with the Cunningham Clan. There was no running water on either site but it didn't feel like "roughing it." I miss the experiences at the cabins with family. Everything felt normal and sane while we were there.

Your mom dropping you off at the mall arcade with a roll of quarters to play the latest and greatest video games so she could shop in peace

flower rattle: I can remember this from waaaaay back when i was tiny!