Redwoods...more for my bucket list!

Muir Woods - one of the most beautiful places on earth. Land of Ancient living forest. Redwoods resist forest fires and live for hundreds of years, some to over a thousand years.

Redwood Forest, California


Redwood National Park one of my most favorite places in the world

Walking through the wood my head spun at every step I took. Was this a dream? Will I ever wake up? E.H.M


Giant Sequoia Tunnel, California. We drove through this on a family vacation back in the '60's! Was a VERY big deal to us kids. Packed station wagon barely cleared the tree (at that time!).


California Redwoods


Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest

Redwood forest


Redwood Forest Floor, California

Redwood National Forest

CA Redwood Forest

Forest Trail, Redwoods National Park, California

California Redwood Forests. Magnificent and serene.

Crooked Forest, Poland