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  • Holly Lindquist

    New Dinosaur Research: Microraptor's Feather Color Revealed - A team of American and Chinese researchers, including scientists from the American Museum of Natural History, has revealed the color and detailed feather pattern of Microraptor, a pigeon-sized, four-winged dinosaur that lived about 130 million years ago. Subjects: Paleontology, dinosaurs. Length: 3:29

  • Alex Halasz

    Dinosaur with shiny, black feathers!

  • Rolland Luebben

    True Color of Dinosaur Feathers

  • Caetano Julio Neto

    Three feet long, feathered Chinese dinosaur Microraptor gui. Reconstruction based on the latest studies.

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Birds use feathers to run, not just to fly. A clue to what feathered dinosaurs did with their feathers? More details here: blogs.discovermag...

Archaeopteryx with Hoatzin style colorations. Lots of kids books in the 80's & 90's made comparisons between Archaeopteryx and the modern Hoatzin bird, mostly because the latter is the only modern bird with noticeable wing claws.

dinosaur... When I have a farm, you better believe I'm putting something like this on the property. Hilarious.

Some of my favorite dinosaurs are those with feathers...especially those who evolved into birds.

Vintage Dinosaur Story Book Cover by Anatotitan, via Flickr

WASHINGTON (Sept. 11, 2014)—Scientists today unveiled what appears to be the first truly semiaquatic dinosaur, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. New fossils of the massive Cretaceous-era predator reveal it ...

A new species of feathered dinosaur discovered in southern Germany is further changing the perception of how predatory dinosaurs looked. The fossil of Sciurumimus albersdoerferi,which lived about 150 million years ago, provides the first evidence of feathered theropod dinosaurs that are not closely related to birds.