red solo cup koozie cups!

One-Handed Bottle Opener. Because its so stupid and just in the way to open a bottle with two hands.

Bahahaha !! pinning this for my wine drinking girls at work... great gift idea (@Wendy Felts Felts Felts Felts Marshall)

drinking wine in yoga pants works every time #tgiffriends #stressdontlivehereanymore

Beer sleeve


Reusable Fruit To-Go Cup

sweet shark ice cubes

Mind blown. #SoloCup

Personalized Beer Flight Sampler Set available at #Nordstrom

An under-the-desk foot hammock. | 22 Ingenious Products That Will Make Your Workday So Much Better

I just downloaded the TYPE N WALK app! Never miss a stop sign again! :)

scoring idea

a wine purse!

How To Turn A Beer Bottle Into A Glass -I think I just found what I'm giving my brother for Christmas...

ShaKoozie... because every once and a while a shower beer is the best kind of beer.......hahaha

Beer pong battle ship hack - take a shot when a ship is sunk. Don't know if I could actually handle this, but it looks fun!

Inflatable Beer Pong Table - need this!

Mug with a hoop