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Why didn't I know this sooner?! Safety filter on YouTube for Kids. This is a MUST READ for any parent!! Kids love watching funny videos on YouTube, but they can easily venture into the UNKNOWN. Step by stop instructions on how to turn on YouTube SafeSearch. It should only take 10 minutes!

Internet Safety for Kids and Teens. This is a quick cheat sheet for non-techie parents who care about keeping their kids safer online. It takes about 30 - 45 minutes to make these simple changes.

Teaching kids to do their fair share . . . I'm always amazed when people tell me that their kids "won't" do chores. This piece has a good starter list of age-appropriate chores and the comments have some great ideas too!

Mary Organizesfrom Mary Organizes

How To Teach Piano Lessons At Home With Free Piano Lesson Plans

How To Teach Piano Lessons At Home With Free Piano Lesson Plans - I need to do this with Ava since I still read music

Help your kids feel significant in constructive ways by helping them learn to think their desire for stuff through for themselves.

Modern Parents Messy Kidsfrom Modern Parents Messy Kids

Kids' Responsibility & Money Management Printables Pack

What an awesome resource for teaching kids about family responsibility, earning money, saving, spending and even giving!

iMomfrom iMom

30 Day Mom Challenge

30 Day Mom Challenge to Build Relationships I love this list! 30 ways, in 30 days, to be the best mom you can be. For each day of the month, find the corresponding number and follow the tip. So, if you begin the challenge on April 25; start with tip 25 and move on from there. You can repeat the list every month!

Foster2Foreverfrom Foster2Forever

Dealing with your Defiant Kid

Here are 4 steps I take when my child is being DEFIANT! A must if you have a strong-willed kid like mine! #parenting

A Slob Comes Cleanfrom A Slob Comes Clean

Teaching Kids to Clean Bathrooms

Teaching Kids to Clean Bathrooms- ya think this would work with the boys??