Cup Holder For Old Cars

Remember when you had to have two keys for your car? One for the door and one for the ignition?

Car phone/bag phones.

Drinking Bird everybody had one

Ponytail holders

Waxed paper cups

Rolling Down the Car Window

Kool-Aid cups

Floppy disc, how old am I!

Cost of Living

Great for a 2nd degree burn in the summer!

Weepuls! I forgot how happy these things made me in elementary school. I wish someone still gave me them when I did something good... #eighties #80s

"Be kind. Rewind"

wooly willy

tricycle....and white walls on the car tyres

Vintage 1950s Halo Birthday Candle Holders 7 Pastel Roses Japan, 11 used holders | eBay

'70s... Our coffee cups hung on a cup holder like this.

Sitting backwards in the Station Wagon

silver aluminum drinking glasses

recognize these?

Lighter and ashtray in the car door.. how convenient..everyone smoked back then