Pretty much sums it all up :)   Koala  NYC  Eiffel Tower  Piano  Hollywood  Dolphins  Road Trip!  Dream Home  Ferris Wheel Kiss  Remember me  Surf  Travel  Galapagos Islands  African Safari  Follow my Dreams  Fashion Show  Paragliding  Baby Lion  Fairytale Wedding  Birthday Cake  Route 66  Infinity Tattoo

Before I die. Wouldn't want to go to a fashion show or have a fairytale wedding but.

Bucket list!! Like them all expect live by the beach!! I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH BUT NOT LIVE THERE!

Own a nice camera- check! See a shooting star- Check! Live near the beach- check!

Bucket List except the first one:/ haha cant even draw stick figures! However, I could inspire someone with music!

Places I want to go

Bucket List: See the Grand Canyon again. Loved it the first time but this time instead of traveling beside I want to go into the canyon.

Bucket list ideas, been to Paris twice but haven't gone in the Louvre yet

bucket list: visit the louvre DONE! (trip after high school graduation.the Mona Lisa is truly a sight to behold)

sounds weird but I really want to do this!

this year- I want to ride one of these things because they are the coolest things ever and there my favorite. by the time I get to do this, there will be something newer, bigger and better come along.