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Madtown Macs: Perfect Polish Every Time! use a q tip to put lotion all around your toe nails (not on the nail). Paint as normal. If you mess up, use the cuticle stick to wipe off of the lotion area easy peasy.

This famous little waterproof eyeliner pen has dressed the eyes of celebrities and just about anyone who wants a "perfect line every time". The secret of this pen is in the tip and the amount of color

Waterproof Eyeliner Felt Tip Pen

I don't usually wear blue eyeshadow but I love this cobalt look. maybe with a dark red lip for extra drama.

This could work... How to Remove Toe Nail Polish Without Ruining Perfectly Painted Nails | LifeTricks

Use a tampon to dip into your nailpolish remover for repainting toes if youve already painted your nails. Use a tampon to dip into your nailpolish remover for repainting…

Sharpie Nail Art... Who knew?!? Check out our pen wall at #OfficeMax for ALL of the colors!

Sharpie Nail Art

Try metallic sharpies to draw nail art > Seal with top coat ! Sharpie art comes off with rubbing alcohol and leaves your base color pristine.

How To Clean Your Flat Iron! Everyone should repin this!

How to clean your flat iron. Make a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Rub on to flat iron. Keep the cleaning mixture just on the plates themselves, so cleaner or water does not get inside the iron. Use a wet rag to wipe it all off.

DIY Gel Nails

DIY Gel Nails

HOW TO DIY GEL NAILS Apply 1 coat of Gelous to clean/dry nails & let dry Apply 1 coat of the nail color of your choice & let dry Apply 1 coat of Gelous & let dry Apply 1 coat of nail color & let dry Apply 1 coat of your favorite top coat & let d


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In expensive ways to whiten teeth: mouth guard, Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda - 20 min a day x 2 weeks

Nail polish wont stick to area that has  lotion on it. Simple cuticle stick removes it easily!  Great cheap trick for perfect nails.

Apply lotion around nail, paint nails, use a q-tip to remove nail polish out of place! The polish wont stick to the areas where lotion are! I get polish everywhere.<= My life has been changed. No more messy fingers after nail painting!