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If you want free publicity, forming relationships with the media is a lot easier if you demonstrate that you want to help them. Here's the #1 question you should be asking traditional media such as reporters, editors and broadcasters, as well as new media like bloggers, podcasters and anyone who has a platform online from which they can talk about you. For more questions like this one, follow this pin back to the Publicity Hound blog.

A media kit is a collection of marketing materials you'll need for the product, service, cause or issue you are promoting. A media kit is especially important if you have published a book because it makes it easy for a variety of audiences, like journalists, to report on it or promote it. Yet many authors are confused about what goes into the kit. If you've written more than one book, you should have one media kit for each book. #mediakit #bookmarketing

Publicity and #PR people should make #Quora a part of their clients' PR campaigns. Answering questions on this site helps you promote your #expertise, enhance your credbility, and become the go-to source in your industry. And because #journalists search this site frequently while doing research, they might see one of your impressive answers and contact you for an interview. You can also use Quora to ask questions, too.

Writing a guest blog post about a top in your area of expertise, and pitching the idea to a blogger whose audience needs your advice, is a fabulous way to generate free publicity, even if you don't have your own blog. Learn how to write blog posts lighting fast, and well, during a free webinar I'm hosting.

Smart Publicity Hounds know that tipping off bloggers and #journalists to #trends, and then offering to write a guest blog post or be a source for an article on that trend, is a door-opener for free publicity. You score extra points with them if you can lead them to other sources. Click here to learn about seven places to find information on industry trends, helpful in a #PR campaign. #freepublicity

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Where to Find Images for Blogs and Social Media: Free and Legal

Where to Find Images for Blogs and Social Media – Free and Legal! Important read by @Louise Myers

How to write a bio? Easy. Ask yourself 12 questions, and then weave some of the answers into the routine information about your life. Use your bio to tell a story, include personal details about your life, and let readers know what makes you tick. Put your bio in your online #pressroom. Click here to see all the questions, and you'll be able to write a better #bio. #storytelling