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I couldn't decide which board to put this on, but I chose quotes because nutella is NOT to be taken lightly.

Official Nutella Cookbook, As If You Didn't Know Every Way to Eat It Already |Foodbeast

everything about this reminds me of my summer in Italy!

You mean I just squeeze the Nutella into my mouth?

Just a little bit of Nutella could save an otherwise disastrous day :)

I have a jar in my closet. Well, my sister's if anyone finds it we can call HER the "closet hoardeater-er." yeah I'm good.

Realistic Barbie… wait but she has nice hair and hygiene... I guess it's not that realistic after all AND WHERE IS HER TUMBLR

They finally made it the right size.I dont know why Im putting this under humor because Im completely serious.....

So I heard you like Nutella… Jennifer Reinhart