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I could have gone the rest of my natural life without thinking about Walter White and Travis Bickle in the same time and space. Thanks, Cranston.

from FSPDT

DIY Sand and Rock Box

How to make a sand and rock box for your kids play trucks. They will love this!

Bridesmaids Quotes. Lol - Classic. Every girl has thought about this at least ONCE in their life!!!


Stop telling me what to do…

I am calm!

from BuzzFeed

27 Ways You And Your Best Friend Are Romy And Michele

Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Ahahahahahahaha

from Indy Brand

Utah tee

The softest, greatest fitting shirt you'll ever own. Body Measurements (length)   S - 26   M - 27   L - 28   XL - 29   Body Measurements (width)   S - 18   M -


From Little Bear to Hunger Games…

No way?! This is awesome