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20 fotos que te miran

20 fotos que te miran


Karo woman and her baby Ethiopia Korcho village, Karo tribe, South Ethiopia the most beautiful thing. a child and his mother. Such a beautiful picture.

Learn to take joy in the simplest of things. To smile because of the littlest of life's pleasures & to live with awe at the minute details you'll miss unless you look.

"it rains shelter under a banana leaf cowherd boy illustration inspiration" Beautiful makeshift umbrella!

Regard-Massimiliano Orpelli

Zoom sur les plus beaux yeux du monde

Afraid: children from Arborè tribe with the typical hat pumpkin - by Massimiliano Orpelli, Italian

All Dressed Up  #girl  #child

Future daughter will have a photo shoot where she is Pocahontas. Or I will just adopt some Native American child. really really cute little girl.

Children are so precious

Another cute little Mongolian girl, could be one of the twins. I found so many photos of little Mongolia girls and they are all so cute!


Make friends of all races!no one is born racist! People teach that to their children. After all Jehovah god does not aprove of it.

"He ain't heavy, he's my brother."   [That quote became the slogan of Boys' Town USA many years ago.]       "He ain't heavy, he's my brother."

He ain’t heavy….He’s my brother darksilenceinsuburbia: He ain’t heavy….He’s my brother (via darksilenceinsuburbia)

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I found this doing research for my World Food Prize essay! Mongolia all the way! Mongolian child and Yak calf - David Edwards

F.Hande Batmaz "Bir Çocuk Gördüm Uzaklarda"

F.Hande Batmaz "Bir Çocuk Gördüm Uzaklarda"

A moving picture of LOVE

Two Hmong children in Can Ty, Ha Giang province, Vietnam This photo is being used for the Nepal earthquake. How sad people have to exploit children this way. There is enough destruction in Nepal without this type of fake photo.

There are no boundaries for happiness. No Language. No Age. No Gender. No kid boy Baby girl kid