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    Deep sea creatures

    This pic captures the moment, just before a shark breaks the surface tension of the water.


    Crocodile Fish amazing camoflauge


    Jawfish – Jawfish are “mouthbrooders”, meaning that they collect and keep their eggs in their mouths to protect them from predators.

    Ugly Fish

    Blaschka jellyfish

    Spanish Dancer Jellyfish

    The Secret Entrance to Invalides Station, Paris, France. Photo

    Compass jellyfish | ©Marinko Babic

    Fibonacci Spiral - Cuban land snail

    Jellyfish and cleaner fish

    Baby seahorse

    Octopus- Australia

    Amazing photo taken in Bali - #fish

    Irrawaddy Dolphins - these are not true river dolphins, but rather an oceanic dolphin species that lives in brackish water near coasts, river mouths and in estuaries.


    Crinoid (Feather Star) - Anilao, Philippines


    Green Turtle | Dmitry Marchenko

    The Spanish Dancer (Hexabranchus Sanguineus) - Dorid Nudibranch

    Living Heart -Sabelleastarte sp.