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Cat Mom Patch

2 Level Hanging Cat Bed, Coral Print Kitty Cloud

Hmmm... Am sure mine would looove this one! Would look quite great to hang it from the stairs into the living room. Would need at least four stories though :-)

A cute cat cup idea for anybody who can draw. Well, everybody can draw. So, all set with your permanent markers?

Printable DIY Christmas Advent Calendar for Charity

Rudomi is a blog about cats and cat products, and is created by Polish cat lover Magda Kuflińska. This is a link to her Christmas gift guide suggestions and product reviews for 2016, and she's found some wonderful cat products to share. Google can help you translate if you don't read Polish. Jaki prezent dla kota na gwiazdkę? Świąteczny poradnik zakupowy z propozycjami prezentów dla kota na gwiazdkę. Rabaty na świąteczny prezent dla kota.

What Should I Gift a Cat Lady?

“That damn bird. It’s always a winner with cats and it will break in a week or less.”

Black Cats Catnip Mat For Mew

Black Cats Catnip Mat For Mew by ForMewShop on Etsy

Best Cat Calendars for 2017

Best Cat Calendars for 2017! • hauspanther