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St Ives Hanging Pot Silver Leaf

St Ives Hanging Pot Silver Leaf

Plantenpot for front door

]Shop the Bullet Planter, a modern planter in cone-shaped durable molded fiberglass, perched atop a tripod of powder-coated steel.

Gestresst? Hier 5 anti-stress planten die je helpen relaxen, zoals de Philodendron. // via Sporteluxe

Feeling stressed? Try these 5 indoor plants

Plants are a great way to brighten a room and create a relaxed atmosphere. Read on to see five of our favourites. Published May 2016 Written by Andrea Kovszun Monstera delisiosa Philodendron

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

Wall of hanging plants with DIY plywood hooks and macrame hangers | Growing Spaces

How to create a wall of plants

Rubber Tree | Heart Leafed Philodendron | Staghorn Fern | Fiddle Leaf Fig | Aloe Plant | Monstera Deliciosa/”Cottage Cheese Plant” | Zamioculcas/”ZZ Plant”  | Golden Pothos | Snake Plant | String of Pearls | Banana Plant |

Decorating with Nature

Rubber Tree Heart Leafed Philodendron Staghorn Fern Fiddle Leaf Fig Aloe Plant Monstera Deliciosa/”Cottage Cheese Plant” Zamioculcas/”ZZ Plant” Golden Pothos Snake Plant String of Pearls Banana Plant

Take the guess out of what to plant iside! Sharing a Stylish Plant + Planter combinations. Modern Oh So Stylish Planters — Chic Little House

Modern Oh So Stylish Planters

Mid-century modern design: Let's fall in love with the best mid-century lighting designs for your modern home decor

Elephant ears in your bedroom? Why not! Just put in a basket! #greengirldaily_blog

Styling Plants – with Baskets

In honor of Annual Houseplant Appreciation day, I thought Id give a shout out to some new houseplants Im growing for

Beautiful rounded leaf and yin quality for wood element.

Beautiful rounded leaf and yin quality for wood element.