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    My Favorite Photo - Lashes - by pretty amazing black & White

    Hmmm potential actress for a character in a book.....

    by eric traore.

    Dark Art

    I found her beguiling to look at - dusted as she was in cobwebs of snow, with wind-blown stars on her lips. As I studied this statue, I fell from the world and was enchanted, never to be the same. Serenity, she was named, and I would not return from her. #creative writing by #julie tait #inspired by image #statues #beauty #black and white portrait photography #photography #concept art photography

    // Isabel Toledo

    I never liked the clowns! But this melancholic, old clown makes me feel sad somehow! *"but really I'm sad, oh, sadder than sad" #halloween #scary #mask

    Don't be fooled by only looking at the exterior...the eye's, look there! Feel, see, and listen to what they tell you. Do this enough and you can hear the person behind the eyes. This is where truth is found. The soul is so honest. "Listen" to the eyes, hear what you "see" -feel the pain there. (NAR)




    albino eyelash eyelashes eye white colour color pale art design photography blanc #white #pale


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    When in doubt, think outside of the box! (makeup, make-up, make up, eyeliner, eye liner, lashes, eye lashes, eyebrows)

    Iris eyes


    20 Samples of Scaring and Horror Photography Again...Atreyu

    Mettalic Face by Daniel David

    "People say when I get really joyful, my eyes turn a rainbow color for 'bout a minute" I said to him. "When I'm mad they turn a stormy color. So watch out." He tried to give me a serious face, but failed, causeing both of us to burst out in series of laughter. - Annabethalyssa