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Let His Love be the reason you act the way you act...

"Sometimes you don't realize you're actually drowning when you're trying to be everyone else's anchor."

There is a reason for everyone who comes into your life!

Communicate. Even when it's uncomfortable or uneasy. One of the best ways to heal is simply getting everything out; and if you live bitterly, you live a lonely existence.

from Lifehack

Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things…

This is what I'm realizing.... just because she treated you well in the beginning doesn't mean it will ever go back to that...

from Tammy Strait

Use your marriage to make you better

.Seeing this more and more in my life…and yeah it hurts when you open yourself up to people…and get rejected for some unknown reason…it makes me feel worthless. But I know Im better than that…I just have to reinforce how much stronger I am. | best stuff