Sean Connery

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Cushing Lee & Price, what a fantastic horror collection!

The Bat Pack: Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing. Their birthdays were close together: Peter Cushing: May Vincent Price: May Christopher Lee: May 1922

The king of handsome is Sean Connery

Sean Connery ~ Met the cinematographer for this movie "The Medicine Man" ~ So, interesting! I a huge fan of Sean Connery ~ since I was a very young child watching watching ~ Loved it then love it still.

#SeanConnery in #JamesBond "Never say never again" 1983 -- #BowTie

Aston Martin AM37, dans le sillage d'un nouveau succès

You can fined all Sean Connery james bond watch pictures & new photos on

Scottish actor Sean Connery, the new face of superspy James Bond, leaves his basement flat in London's NW8 for a game of golf, his favourite pastime. Description from I searched for this on

Sir Thomas Sean Connery (born 25 August is a Scottish actor and producer. Connery is best known for portraying the character James Bond, starring in seven Bond films between 1962 and

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I thought Sean was so handsome & sexy at this age. Sean Connery -The Man Who Would Be King -A Bridge Too Far -Outland -Finding Forrester -The Untouchables

World Beard Day! #Sean Connery

Oh my god this is my He so amazing actor and what can you say Sir Sean Connery had me with the accent and the eyes!

Sean in a kilt.....there's just something about a man in a kilt (and, of course, something about Sean Connery...)

Sean Connery in Prince Charlie Formal Dress::Best wool tartan kilt with sporran, tux shirt, Prince Charlie vest and jacket. Love a man in a kilt - especially when the man is Sean Connery.

Sean Connery on the set of Goldfinger #photography #portrait #portrait photography

Unseen Sean: The photos behind the most iconic James Bond

Sean Connery on the set of Goldfinger, waiting to film the fight scene with Pussy Galore. If I was about to film a fight scene with a character named Pussy Galore, I'd look like that too.

copper and white. beauty....*dead*

Hand painted bikes from Rob's Woodgrain Bike Frames - wow this thing is seriously beautiful

[linked image] Sean Connery is One of my Favorite Actors of All Time.

Sean Connery won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for play Jim Malone in The Untouchables. "He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue.