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    Temporary kidding pens in the barn - Homesteading Today

    Goat pen idea :)

    Fencing Goats: Goats are excellent crawlers, climbers and jumpers. Unless they are well-contained, it is likely that they will pull a "Houdini" and get away. There are also times when you may want to contain the goats to force them to eat a certain area or type of brush. For small acreages or managing a few goats, 16-foot x 4-foot welded wire cattle panels will usually keep goats in place.

    Birthing pens with hay storage above. I like the hay on top- #babygoatfarm

    Bayou Boer Goats Barn Redo #1 - The Goat Spot - Goat Forum

    An easy goat pen when limited on space in the barn. This would be great if you had 1 or 2 goats, plus I'd let them out for a few hours a day to graze and roam.

    Goat Pens

    Goat Tote


    Goat Show Collar One size fits most by KittysDoghouse on Etsy, $15.00

    Fox Mountain Farm: goat manger

    Build portable PVC corral pens for your pony, goat, pig, cattle, sheep, dog, or other animal.

    goat shed

    kidding kit: what supplies you need before your goat gives birth

    What goats need...

    raised sleeping platforms for goats #goatvet says would make cleaning out manure a lot easier and goats love it. Just make sure the chains are strong enough as they grow.

    play pen set up to keep the babies safe!

    If you have a household dairy and milk dairy goats, you’ll want to process your homegrown goat’s milk so it stays fresh and yummy as can be.

    *Our Country Home...: Goat Playground. Ok I know this says goat, but what about for old goats and kid? ;o)