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Francesco Bartolozzi, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri Guercino Man Writing with Feather Quill etching

Half-Figure of a Nude Man Facing Right 1640 - Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri) (Italian, Cento 1591–1666 Bologna) #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, called Il Guercino (Cento 1591 - 1666 Bologna), ... alaintruong.com

Parmigianino (Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola), "The Lovers" c. 1525 - 1530

Francesco Bartolozzi, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri Guercino Family Praying

Magdalena Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri)

Old master drawings: Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino

Guercino (Barbieri, Giovanni Francesco) Sisyphus

Giovanni Francesco Guercino

Head of a Man with Closed Eyes / attributed to Francesco Vanni (Italian, active Siena and Rome, 1563-1610) / Black and red chalk on gray paper

Sketch of a Child Print by Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri) at Art.com

Love chooses an arrow in the quiver, by Guercino - Giovanni Battista Piranesi

The Angel of the Annunciation, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri known as Guercino

Magdalena Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri)

Magdalena Barbieri, Giovanni Francesco " Il Guercino "

Caricature of a Man Seen from Behind Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, 1760 (?) / Pen and ink with grey wash.

A Sibyl Holding a Scroll - Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri)

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, il Guercino

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (Il Guercino), When Love Stops War, after 1646

The great man himself, photographed in his bohemian studio. Alphonse Mucha