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Embrace: A young Bonobo gazes into the camera while being embraced in a bear-hug by an affectionate adult

Relaxing: Their natural habitat is the Congo basin in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where they suffer horrendous atrocities and are currently listed as endangered. This troop was photographed from their home in a Florida zoo

Affection: It's hard not to wonder what the Bonobos are thinking when we see them displaying similar actions to ourselves, such as a mother cradling a youngster

Intelligent: From turning taps on and off for a drink to cuddling their babies the great apes are the closest thing to observing a human in a zoo

Remarkable: Photographs of our closest living species show just how similar they are to us, sharing 98.7 per cent of DNA

This tiny little frog was snapped clinging to a leaf to shelter from the rain in a downpour in Jember, East Java, Indonesia

~~Gastrotheca plumbea, Silver Marsupial frog (male) in habitat on Bomaria Pardina, Imbabura Province, Ecuador

I'm in! The snail forces its head into the bubble in a fantastic image by dental technician Vyacheslav Mischenko

The second place macro picture was this image of emperor shrimp sat on top of two nudibranch molluscs.

This image of a harbor seal was taken in a kelp forest at Cortes bank near San Diego in California by Kyle McBurnie.

3 Excruciatingly Cute Pictures Of Baby Lion And Baby Monkey BFFs

I've got my eye on you!

A quiet moment: The mother takes a moment to herself and watches her boys playing in the forest

A helping hand: Mother gives two of her boys a piggy back while on their forest adventure

Hold on tight: The big wide world can be a scary place for these brothers

Let's go exploring: Hand-in-hand, Isango and Isangano discover the delights of their forest home

Help, Mum, it's starting to rain: Her hair matted by the deluge, Kabatwa her long comforting arms around her boys. It's been an exciting day but soon it will be time for bed

Cosy: The bird of prey camouflages itself by wedging its entire body in a hole in a tree in Providence in Rhode Island, New York

Quick cuddle: It seems the primates have become so used to their photo being taken they are now naturals in front of the camera, having perfected their poses

Strike a pose: Huddled together with their arms around one another, these little monkeys look more than happy to pose for the camera

Paws up, but the fight isn't over yet for these two

On the attack: one panda prepares to pounce

Bulging eyes: This stunning bright blue bug has giant eyes protruding from the side of its head

Bright eyes: This bug, with a salmon coloured face and mostly green and black eyes, looks as if it is flashing a grin for the camera

Exposure: The photographer's fascinating collection of images have been viewed more than 85,000 times online