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DIY Wire Tea Lights

DIY: Wired Tea Light Holder : from Remodelista - Simply twist coated wire (jewelry supplies any craft store or maybe wire hangers?) using pliers around a tea light. Be sure to use tea lights with a base to prevent wax drips and fire hazards.

The Green Fairy

I love this! I could make this with 16 gauge copper wire and use some of the colorful beach rocks we've collected. 1 stick, 1 roll of copper wire, lots of tumbled or beach glass. Another idea for the rock collections.

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Might be a good idea to keep a couple of these on hand. Or at least a few light bulbs. How to Make a Light Bulb Oil Lamp by Magnelectrostatic via instructables:

with the glass pieces from Grandpa Egon's?

Love the perch; could be used for anything, notes, crystal.base looks like top of candle jar. - My DIY Tips

wire diy-lights, these would look great with Marconi bulbs to give an old rustic feel to them!

DIY Wire Pendants So easy, just weave wire around a vase or glass, remove vase and this is what you get. If wire isn't rusty, leave it in the rain.

Spoon chime.. love this!

Antique Silver Spoon Fish Wind chimes Recycled Vintage Spoons Unique gift for Outdoor enthusiasts.

Light up the world. DIY Lampshade.

I love this creative idea. Lights of earth =pin holes in paper. taped then placed around a tea light candle, would be awesome with a thin sheet of aluminum or copper

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Soup spoon lights candles - nice for a bathroom! Perhaps mix and match old antique soup spoons

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Better than just a plain candle light, I have done this with a nail and a hammer :) It does turn out this pretty (if you don't bend up the can by hitting it with the hammer.Woops) Can use tap light with kids instead of candles.