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Penteado de noiva com flores

Noiva-com-flor-no-cabelo-Casar-com (8)

"You can make lots of things from hair! Anything...but love" Guys, she was referring to the flyer. Not every family makes flyers for missing ppl, so whoever made the flyers is considered the "family that loves her" so who made the flyers? The one and only Marco Diaz.

Jean dies in a battle, and he's been depressed since Marco died. He wakes up in heaven on an average couch, in average clothes, in an average house. Jean sits up, confused and sleepy, looking around, when he finally sees Marco. With a yelp, tears stinging his eyes, he jumps up and runs to Marco, sobbing into the taller male's arms. Marco strokes Jean's hair, crying as well as he murmurs softly into Jean's ear, "Shhh, shhh, don't cry, smile again. I'm back, and I can't leave this time."

Society6from Society6

Marco Art Print by Razuri

Cool Marco fan art. I'm just glad it's before "the incident."

AnOtherfrom AnOther

Favourite Older Women

She is getting old. Angela Landsbury

Jean Kirstein, Armin Arlert and Marco Bodt~~Dawww they all look so...adorable!! (Yes, I said that, I can like who I wanna like)