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Clever DIY idea for keeping track of fresh, backyard egg age - looks easy to make your own version. #BackyardChickens

Store your eggs in this stylish egg run finished in flint. This spiral egg holder fits 12 eggs perfectly.

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First Hand Soap Dispenser

I LOVE this. My kids knock down the soap dispenser and break it [albeit heavy duty plastic] at least once a month. This is awesomeness. Like a fancy wall-mounted commercial version.

MEAL WORMS 4 CHICKENS!!! Meal worm farming - Top drawer for pupae and beetles. I cut the bottom out of the drawer and hot glued screening so that when the eggs hatch, the small worms will fall into the second drawer.

Red Egg Skelter -- The Egg Skelter is a unique storage and display item for your backyard eggs! Show off your beautiful eggs on your countertop, while keeping the eggs in order of lay! That way you always eat the oldest eggs first. Available in red or silver.

Egg holder is adorable - could use it for coloured eggs at Easter or to serve hard boiled eggs to the family!

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Decrease in Egg Production: Causes & Solutions

The Most common reasons for a drop in egg production and what can be done to get chickens back to work Would love a cute basket for this

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What are Those Spots in my Farm-Fresh Eggs

Every once and a while I used to get those weird reddish-brown spots in my fresh eggs and I wasn't quite sure what they were--until now!

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Egg Sign Roadside Chicken Egg Farm Stand Kitchen Wall Art

Egg Sign Roadside Chicken Egg Farm Stand

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12+ Ideas of What To Do With Extra Eggs

12+ Ideas of What To Do With Extra Eggs - The Healthy Honeys