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  • Nameless

    The official pledge of allegiance salute used to be a 'Hitler Salute', The salute they were taught to give, with one stiff arm outstretched toward the flag. — Also, the phrase "under god" wasn't added until 1954.

  • Beth Cox

    Until Dec 22, 1942, this is how Americans saluted the flag, the 'Bellamy salute'. It was amended to the hand over heart method. I did not know this.

  • Jake Ebel

    The Old Flag Salute

  • Renda Lutz

    Until Dec 22, 1942, this is how Americans saluted the flag. It was amended to the hand over heart method. We can imagine why... looks like the Nazi salute, whom we were fighting at the time. (A history lesson I only received on Pinterest!)

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“'I’ll hate it everywhere if I’m not in this war! Why do you think I kept saying there wasn’t any war all winter? I was going to keep on saying it until two seconds after I got a letter from ... some place saying, ‘Yes, you can enlist with us.’ A look of pleased achievement flickered over his face momentarily, as though he had really gotten such a letter. 'Then there would have been a war'"(Knowles 103). It's too bad we never got to fight in the war together Finny-I know how much you wanted to.

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Before 1942, American children pledged allegiance to the flag with the Bellamy salute. Worried that it might be confused with the Nazi's Roman salute, Congress changed the salute to simply placing a hand over the heart.

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