Until Dec 22, 1942, this is how Americans saluted the flag. It was amended to the hand over heart method. We can imagine why...

Before 1942, American children pledged allegiance to the flag with the Bellamy Salute so named after Francis Bellamy who wrote the pledge of allegiance in 1892. Worried that it might be confused with the Nazi's Roman salute, Congress changed the salute to simply placing a hand over the heart.

October 12, 1892: The Pledge of Allegiance first recited in public schools. The Pledge was quite different then -- "under God" wasn't added until 1954. These little Japanese-Americans are saluting the flag in April, 1942. Within a month, they had all been placed in internment camps.

American poster, 1942: "Hitler Wants Us To Believe..."

The Development of the American Flag Flags

Two people holding hands as they fall from the Twin Towers on 9/11.

American Flags for SJ

Hugo Boss started his clothing company in 1924 in Metzingen. His company was supplier for Nazi uniforms since 1924. Hugo Boss was one of the firms contracted by the Nazis to design the black SS uniforms along with the brown SA shirts, and the Hitler Youth uniforms.

Nancy Wake: French Maquis, SOE operative, and all around Gestapo bane (once killed an SS officer with her bare hands), she was the most decorated Allied woman of WWII.

was there a better moment in American history than this... Buzz Aldrin salutes the flag. July 20, 1969

“Mad as a hatter” In 18th and 19th century England mercury was used in the production of felt, which was used in the manufacturing of hats common of the time. People who worked in these hat factories were exposed daily to trace amounts of the metal, which accumulated within their bodies over time, causing some workers to develop dementia caused by mercury poisoning. Thus the phrase “Mad as a Hatter” became popular as a way to refer to someone who was perceived as insane.

Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. Commander of the Dec. 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy 1939-1943. The plane carrying him was shot down by the Americans in 1943.

Sergeant William Harvey Carney ~ 29 Feb 1840-8 Dec 1908 was the first African American to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. He rescued the US Flag as its' bearer fell & then carried it to the enemy ramparts & back after which he declared: "Boys, the old flag never touched the ground!"

Lviv, Ukraine, A woman forced to kneel with her raised hands, 30/06/1941-03/07/1941.

1946 – Nuremberg Trials: Execution of the convicted Nazi leaders of the Main Trial. | Executions at Nuremberg | Iconic Photos

September 8, 1892 - The Pledge of Allegiance is first recited. The original text was, "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." The phrase "under God" was added in 1954 during the height of the Cold War.

American soldier France 1944

This might upset some people, (it should ) but it's real and it happened to slaves who were treated as objects.

this is one of the most haunting pictures i have ever seen. schoolgirls in gas masks. WWII.

This WWII poster for the Recruiting Publicity Bureau of the United States Army was illustrated by artist Bradshaw Crandell, c. 1943. "Are you a girl with star-spangled heart? Join the WAC now! Thousands of Army jobs need filling! Women's Army Corp. United States Army."

Among the Titanic survivors is the most famous Margaret Tobin Brown. Known as the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" the only woman to row a lifeboat to safety. Mrs. Brown was on her way home to America when disaster struck. She did her best to help others into the lifeboats before boarding herself. Once in the water, Mrs. Brown fiercely argued w/ the quartermaster Robert Hitchens to rescue people in the water. When he refused Mrs. Brown threatened to throw him overboard & took control via titanicuniv...