playlist of all book of mormon scripture stories. the next automatically plays once one is done. i just sat and watched scripture stories with my kids for 20 minutes and they were enthralled. Perfect!

All of the "Living Scriptures" video clips, including: Book of Mormon, Hero Classics, New Testament, and more.

Book of Mormon Stories Videos. Great for primary lessons!

YouTube Book of Mormon videos.

This Book of Mormon story includes a flow chart showing where different groups of people in the Book of Mormon go.

All the Book of Mormon stories {summaries} in chronological order.

Lehi's Dream Sequence

VT handouts

Free LDS Object Lessons | Mormon Share

Book of Mormon Stories - 54 Media Presentations (about 4 minutes each)

Dinner with the apostles. I LOVE this idea to do with scripture heroes, historical figures, etc.

Little LDS Ideas: $$ Cute idea to teach Book of Mormon stories to children.

Book of Mormon Stories Quiet Book

book of mormon maps and charts | Charting the Book of Mormon - BYU Studies

Bookmark for 24 scriptures every kid should know.

breakfast scripture study for children

Book of Mormon Characters 4 x 6 photo cards These are 79 different characters you will find in the Book of Mormon.

Pictures and descriptions of Book of Mormon people

Book Of Mormon - Silver #Book-Of-Mormon---Silver

Teach the Gospel ideas to kids in a fun way. Wow this mom is amazing! Also has great ideas for helping your kids develop a love for reading the scriptures.