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    dryer lint and wax = fire starter

    Fire starters using free stuff you would otherwise throw away.

    firestarters from toilet paper rolls & lint

    Cooking over a Dakota Fire Hole... saves wood and does not smoke...

    Brrrr...winter is officially here! So why not keep a stash of these nearly-free fire starters on hand for your fireplace? So easy to do, using only three ingredients: Dryer Lint, Empty Toilet Paper Tube, and Waxed Paper. #SadieSeasongoods

    Make your own fire starters with dryer lint and either melted crayons or vaseline

    Egg Carton fire starters: I used dryer lint and a drizzling of parafin wax, then when set I loosely rolled single sheets of newspaper in the top & closed the lid - 3-4 small rolls per carton. 1/2 carton started an awesome fire!

    home made fire starters for camping

    Camping tips & tricks DRYER LINT FOR FIRE STARTER should have thought of this years ago!

    How to make "buddy burners" for emergency stoves and heat!!

    Winter Camp, log and mud walls to keep out cold, small fire place. awesome.

    How to Make a "Buddy Burner" Emergency Stove. Take a tuna can, clean it, roll up corregated cardboard to fill it, melt wax and pour over, cool, it will shrink so pour more wax on it to the top and cool. store until needed. Light the cardboard to use. Did you know you can boil water on a Buddy Burner in a wax coated paper cup? Works great for making grits, oatmeal, & instant coffee!

    If you're camping, rub petroleum jelly over a bunch of cotton balls and then store in ziplock bag. When your ready to make a fire, pull a few cotton strands out then place under your wood then light your cotton ball -- instant fire starter.

    Make your own fire starters! Cardboard egg carton any of this dryer lint : cotton balls:wood chips : paper towels or sawdust Melt wax candles pour on top to seal

    DIY Fire Starters (before doing this, I think they mean use the paper/cardboard type egg cartons...Clever idea for camping..

    how to clean candle jars

    Repelling Mosquitoes

    Pencil Sharpener - Simple, cheap tool for making tinder & getting your fire started.


    Great fire starter! - Outdoor Ideas