These Dino/dragon/Loch Ness Monster???  nails are adorable!!

These Dino/dragon/Loch Ness Monster? nails are adorable! This makes me want to paint my toe nails. Or dragon fly

Which is your fave? COMMENT!

The Top Coat: DIY Nail Art Inspired by the Prada and Schiaparelli Exhibit

Tropical Leopard from Fabulous Nail Art

Tagging this painting style as “distressed” from now on. It can be used to make gradients, but it’s really something more!

Oodles of Nintendo Nail Designs. ... My girls sighed happy sighs over these! :)

Super Mario Nail Art

nintendo wii super mario mushroom green and white nail art, fingernails, funky manicures. sorry, i have no idea where i got this from, if you know or if u own it please post the details.