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      Doutzen kroes- lips- pink- victoria's secret- beauty- eyes - indigo's eyes- erika boveri- blue- mirada- look-

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      chicas hot. #hot #girls # blondes #eyes #erikaboveri #sexy #beauty @erikaboveri ERIKA BOVERI @erika

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      The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - ALL DOLLED DOWN Well, we all know that Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that it’s fun to wear what he’d like us to wear! And since that translates to makeup as well, the truth of the matter is, guys like girls with as little makeup as possible. So here are some of our top no-makeup makeup secrets that will define and bring life to your face without him knowing you’re wearing anything.

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      Image Spark - Image tagged "beauty", "model", "portrait" - christopher_j

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      A beautiful picture of Doutzen. #Doutzen Kroes.

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      #girls #photography #beauty

    • Haylie Honn

      dolled down make up FACE Switch from foundation to a tinted moisturizer. Or add face lotion to your foundation to thin it out. Apply it with a sponge for sheerer coverage. I always wet the sponge first, then wring out any excess water. Spot correct any blemishes with concealer. EYES Skip eye shadow. I promise you it’s merely a bonus product, not a necessity to look pretty! Do what I call the Sneaky Liner Trick. Using a black kohl liner in your dominant hand, reach around and above with your other hand and place your ring finger directly on top of your lid, then gently lift it upwards, pulling your lash line up and away from your eye. (You can also do this by placing a guitar pick or business card on your lash line then lifting it upward.) Then trace your liner back and forth along your lash line, directly between your lashes but NOT above it. This way it’s not detectable but still adds definition by framing your eyes. Use a “pet-able” mascara, meaning one that is soft and not stiff or starchy. You want your man to feel like he could reach out and pet your lashes, the same way we hate it when they wear stiff hair gel and you can’t run your fingers through his hair! Maybelline Full and Soft mascara is Lauren and my personal favorite (she actually introduced it to me!). Only apply one coat and make sure to comb through or gently pull out any clumps with your fingers. CHEEK Since the name of the game is “who me? I’m not wearing any makeup!” opt for a cream blush instead of a powder one so it looks more natural. And choose a shade that mimics a flush, like you’re blushing. I love RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Modest because it’s an organic line that melts into your skin and the shade is a perfect blushing rose. LIP Most guys hate lipstick. Especially if it’s going to end up on them! So opt for a tinted lip balm if you have to have a little color, or just chap stick. You also want them to be soft and healthy, so make sure to give them a little scrub first by brushing them with a toothbrush or disposable mascara wand. I always tell my clients “every time you brush your teeth, brush your lips before you’re done.” Because that means they’ll get a nice polish twice a day, every day and won’t have the chance to get dry and cracked.

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    Doutzen Kroes


    great pose...want a self portrait like this. Doutzen Kroes by Will Davidson for The Telegraph Magazine


    For girls who don't like foundation! Makes your skin look impeccable (Must try)

    Gorgeous bombshell palette by Charlotte Tilbury!

    for the perfect everyday lip try: tom ford's 'blush nude'

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    boudior pose....This ones the winner folks. ;)

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    Rachel McAdams

    V...look into my eyes so I can see your soul....and it is beautiful....if I may say so sir....just don't try to cage me.....I bite