Photos of ovulation - fascinating #fertility #infertility #ivf

Postpartum hemorrhage: Reduction of uterine inversion (Johnson method). (A) The protruding fundus is grasped with fingers directed toward the posterior fornix. (B, C) The uterus is returned to position by pushing it through the pelvis and into the abdomen with steady pressure towards the umbilicus.

19 Vagina Problems That Can Actually Happen .... My - some of the pictures themselves are off-putting. The lengths people will go to find, or make something resemble a vagina. Creepy.

birth of a chicken egg formation

Faith in humans restored! I do question who wrote the story, because of the English. Maybe a bystander.

DAILY DOSE OF BIRTHCONTROL! Children gone wild – 20 pictures which will make you laugh! | Vivas

Human Facts

20 Party Pictures taken at the right moment.

The human side of nursing.

Baby just born; still in the caul. Awesome picture!

Just a guy holding up his own heart after a heart transplant. No big deal.

Human heart beating. The heart is my favorite organ. It's so amazing

That is freaking cool.

Based on this, my husband has roots in Bedrock...

Ventrogluteal injection site

18 Average Things Made Awesome Under A Microscope.

Women who made history, who made a difference, who took the unexpected road. Gender does not define ability, intent, or ambition- that is what these women show us.