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    Photos of ovulation - fascinating #fertility #infertility #ivf

    Python full of eggs.

    20 Party Pictures taken at the right moment.


    operating room C section: A Greek doctor snapped this amazing image during a caesarian section. The amniotic sac remained intact around the baby. I have never seen this. Typically it breaks or is broken before the baby is pulled out of the uterus. Until the amniotic sac breaks, the baby will continue to receive oxygen and nutrients from the placenta. This baby was born safe and healthy.

    Reference guide for dermatology

    This is the human lung inflating...... whaaaaat... I literally just watched this like 25 times!

    Human Facts

    X-Ray Of A 900 Pound Man - and, just like they told us in class, his insides only get to a certain point and the rest is soft tissue

    This 2.5lb and 17 cm in diameter kidney stone was removed from a patient in Hungary, worlds largest.

    How eye genetics work

    "Hand temporarily attached to armpit to keep it alive while rest of arm is undergoing reconstructive surgery."


    Boogers. They have a job to do. But what does the color really mean? #infographic