Moss Graffiti - this is awesome!!

How to build a bench around a tree

Feeling the need to creatively express yourself in a public space? Make an artistic statement with some DIY moss graffiti

Arm knitting . . . . I must try this!!!

Grow, moss, grow!

picture hanging tip

birth month flowers -- jan | white snowdrop or red carnation may | lily of the valley or red hawthorne jun | cream rose or honeysuckle oct | yellow calendula or cosmo dec narscissus or holly

18 Gorgeous Garden Decor Projects | curated by 'The Weathered Door' blog!

use tire to create small backyard pond

from lemon seeds

Make your own succulent wall art!

Here is collection of 41 awesome examples how to reuse your broken things! Why would you to throw it into trash , when you can reuse it and with a little creativity make something cool ? Check out this ideas I found for your inspiration! T

I stumbled upon a really cool indoor gardening concept the other day – string gardens. “Kokedama” is basically the Japanese art of enclosing a plants roots in a moss ball and suspending that plant – sort of a hanging bonsai concept.

I love Vicks. Use it for everything. Weird that putting it on your feet stops cough but it really works!

Awesome stepping stones is about to get way more interesting...

Reindeer Moss, Moss Green, Green Moss, Damp Mossy, Ferns Mosses, Delightfully Mossy

diy concrete planter