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  • Rubies + Honey

    picnic among the fields.

  • Serena Chase

    love this idea for a date night surprise or a marriage proposal. As long as the pine needles aren't to dry. Wouldn't want to start a big flaming tree. Of course, that would make it quite a memorable night...

  • Luke Anthony

    What an awesome idea for a permanent place for outdoor meal at night. Light up the candles from an old chandelier, have some wine and good conversation.

  • Dave Christensen

    Great idea mhm .. one day I will do this for my lover ... surprise her with a romantic dinner .. when she least expects it ..

  • Laura S.

    table for two, chandelier from a tree

  • Skye Sanford

    lovely idea for an outdoor space

  • Matthew Kramer

    Shade of a favorite tree ... very romantic and cute picnic idea.

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Looks exactly like the gate and lane that led to my grandparents farm. We'd stop the car and the youngest person riding in the car had to jump out and pull the gate open, let the car pass through and close it behind them so that the cows didn't get out.

al fresco table setting love the leafy chandelier from twigs and vines so cute, no lights but darling nonetheles. blue and white themed china make precious tablescape

I can see us here, sipping on our coffees and solving the problems of the world xx

Wabi Sabi is akin to Zen Buddhism in that being surrounded by natural, changing, unique objects helps us connect to our real world and escape potentially stressful distractions. Wiki

DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY I WOULD BE TO HAVE THIS/BE HERE?!!!!!-----via forty-sixth at grace

A great decoration idea — vintage birdcages hung from bare branches.

L’été, à l’ombre des grands chênes, une table de métayer accueille de belles tablées. Chemin de table fleuri, Linvosges, cloche à fromage,...

have a homegrown only bakery...anything grown on our farm...made into wonderful bake goods for you...

white farmhouse and country garden.the old was such a free feeling when we were on the farm.the kids were happy we helped our parents.we lived just fine without all the gadgets and we were so excited to get the day started(: