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Working on the suck-swallow-breathe process without success? Teaching straw drinking? Or, have a child with low oral tone and speech delays? Gentle pressure to the bears belly puts liquids at just the right place to initiate suck. No more neck hyper-extension!

Blow Q-tips through straws in this simple blow dart game.

speech disorders and syndromes

SmallTalk Oral Motor Exercises ($0.00) Designed for people with weak mouth, tongue, and lip muscles and/or poor oral coordination, SmallTalk Oral Motor Exercises contains videos illustrating cheek, tongue, palate, lip, and jaw exercises that help strengthen the oral musculature.

Lingual Exercise. Make it count!!! Tongue Retraction Resistance

FREE Genre Labels for Your Classroom Library. This FREE document was designed to compliment my 43 page TEACHING GENRE KIT (which is available in my TPT store). It includes labels for your classroom library and features clipart by Thistlegirl Designs.

Ultimate Teacher's Guide to Organizing a Classroom Library- Great post with LOTS of pictures!

A fun idea for a game that helps to teach spelling, primary and secondary colors is a matching game that uses strips of colors and refurbished poker chips. This idea could be modified to just focus on the colors by color coding the chips rather then using the letters.

Left/Right Brain

Language and the brain.

study tips

Chunk spelling - lots of helpful info

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Steps for Smooth Speech for early elementary

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Speech Room News: Phonological Disorders: Dx, Goals, Tx

Classroom Freebies: A Thanksgiving Freebie!

Great learning inventory for your students to fill out. Students are able to tell you how they learn best.


The 3 Ws of W-Sitting and WHY It's Wrong

5 activities to develop emotional intelligence

How to Elicit (Teach) the /r/ Sound {Part One: Elicitation Techniques}