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  • Kriss Morton - Cabin Goddess

    Today on Cabin Goddess - Yes…wangage*, as in love stick, swords, Mr. Hanky and his brothers, disco sticks, jebends (thank you Fifty Shades Generator for that one), cocks.. PENISES!, as this video so applicably states it DONGS!!  I want them yesterday! I have talked about this for decades, I will nev

  • Leah Robillos

    (500) Days of Summer. I love this cause in New Girl she can't even bring herself to say penis lol

  • melissa

    500 Days of Summer "Penis" Gif

  • Ashley McDonough

    I imagine the humor is the penis game being played...reminds me of high school, josh cornutt, and chemistry class

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500 Days of Summer :)..just obsessed with him, and this movie, and its perfectly normal, okay? hahaha :)

Tom: "I need to know that you're not gonna wake up in the morning and feel differently." Summer: "And I can't give you that. Nobody can." 500 days of summer, 2009

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