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You don't have to know the people you cheer for, they get props for doing it. Part of why I love this sport.

When people say it's not a sport, okay go ahead and swim 10 TIMED 100s and try not to die! And just to make it interesting you have to do at least two of each stroke!

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All the time

No joke, I don't say your sports easy, even most the time it is. (I've played other sports, I'm just the best at swimming) Come swim my drills and we'll see how easy it is for you. Happens ALL the time

yes I was talking to my FREIND and I said I have to swim the 50 breast her creeped out face was HALARIOUS

I guess this is mostly true. Except I'm always the first one in the pool and I LOVE morning practice!!!!

this happens to me ALL THE TIME!!! most of the time i am the first person in the lane so i have no clue where i am???